Cooks and Chefs at Home

Cooks and Chefs at Home

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Chef for One Meal

Chef for Full Day

Chef for Multiple Days

Top Rated Chefs

All our cooks and chefs are trained and verified professionals from top restaurants and hotels.

How It Works?

Step 1 : Book a Chef

- Select what you want to eat and when

- List of Ingredients and Appliances is shared

Step 2 : Chef Arrives at Home

- Cooks using your Ingredients and Appliances

- Cleans Kitchen after the service and leaves

Step 3 : Have a Good Time

- Relish restaurant quality food Hot and Fresh

- Relax and enjoy with everyone

Why Book A Chef?

Hot & Fresh
Hot & Fresh

Health comes first. Everything is prepared fresh and served immediately.

Good Quantity
Good Quantity

Get enough food cooked. Eat to your heart's content.


No need to bear the traffic. And no more effort in the kitchen.

Pocket Friendly
Pocket Friendly

Ordering online or Dining out - both options are 6 times more expensive.

Custom made
Custom Made

Grandpa needs less salt? Kids like it spicy? Get dishes customised.

Learn Recipes
Learn Recipes

Pick up secret recipes and cooking tricks if you are into culinary arts.

Foodies Love Us

"A Unique Concept"

So convenient! I was relaxed and could easily spend time with my friends. No kitchen worries. The chefs professionally handled my kitchen.

Shruti Malhotra 08 Sep 2019

"Wonderful Experience"

COOX was amazing. Chef was perfectly skilled in his job. Good tasty and hot food served on time. Everyone praised the service. 10 on 10. Happy customer!

Namrata Srivastava 15 Mar 2020

"Value for Money"

Excellent service. The chef was pleasing in nature. Food taste was fantastic. All our guests enjoyed and I must say this is fully worth its while.

Harish Prasad 20 June 2020